Make Sense of Those Scrambled-Up Words

Make Sense of Those Scrambled-Up Words

Start dyslexia treatment in Killeen or Waco, TX

If words seem to swim on the page as you read, you're not alone. Between five and ten percent of U.S. residents exhibit symptoms of dyslexia. Improve your child's reading skills by enrolling in a reading literacy program with Fast Forward Reading Assistant from Rodgers Speech Hearing & Educational Services (R-SHES).

The comprehensive treatment will teach you how to decipher printed words. With our help, you'll soon be able to better understand what the sentences are saying.

To get the most out of our treatment, you need to start early. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at our offices in Killeen or Waco, TX.

What can you do to improve your child's reading abilities?

As a parent, you want what's best for your child. Help them cope with a reading disability by turning to Rodgers Speech Hearing & Educational Services for dyslexia treatment.

In addition, you can help your child by:

  • Reading with them at home
  • Speaking with your child's teacher
  • Setting aside time each day for your child to read

  • Call now to learn more about the reading literacy program we offer to adults and children in the Killeen and Waco, TX areas.